Our Mission

Since 2012 we have had one objective — to help all business owners bridge the creative divide between consumers and their company’s brand, products, and services. Through detailed research, extensive process work, and concentrated execution, we strive to provide each client with a company image that customers recognize and trust.

What We Do
Full Service Design

As designers, developers, merchandisers, artists & marketing specialists we have worked with hundreds of companies – both large and small – to build their branding and web design strategies, and provide solutions to their creative needs. Through cultivating a collaborative workflow, we bring our passion for great, straightforward design to all our projects.


Every brand needs more than just a logo. Design guidelines, custom illustrations, and print collateral are the foundation of a strong company identity.


Creative web solutions deliver a brand’s personality and products affectively to its target audience. User-friendly tools can help manage and support a growing digital brand.


Creating an inspiring space is key to cultivating dimensional customer experiences. Engaging visuals, sensory marketing, and focused point of sale signage deliver effective results.


Custom print materials represent a company’s unique approach to business. From business cards to billboards, from flyers to flags, the options are limitless.


A targeted strategy for cultivating quality customers is invaluable. Focused analytics, print collateral, and cohesive messaging defines and unifies a dynamic brand.


Understanding unique customer traits and trends helps to define a targeted brand persona. Strategic planning and focused enhancements ensures amplified success.

How it began.

Read the story of how the company began in March of 2012.

How We Do It

Building a Website

Creating a website doesn’t have to be difficult. We break down our process into 5 simple steps.

Design Services

Let us help you create a detailed and cohesive marketing strategy from start to finish.

Our Clients
All are welcome

No matter the size of the company, a successful brand is only as good as its morals and values. At Dash Creative, we are committed to supporting and promoting BIPOC and LGBTQ+ initiatives through our business practices and company culture. It is through this commitment to diversity that we enhance the uniqueness of each and every client and project.