Inspired by Charm
Streamline a lifestyle blog while showcasing its personality and charm.

Blogger Michael Wurm Jr. wanted to update the aesthetic of his blog, Inspired by Charm, with a fresh new look that felt clean and simple but still maintained its personality. We began by expanding his existing CMS, integrating custom social media elements, and integrating a custom responsive site design.

From a stylistic perspective, we decluttered the entire blog to allow his content and rich photography to reclaim dominance on the pages. To better access articles, we organized categories and secondary filters, making the user experience much more intuitive for both new and returning readers.

What We Did
• Responsive Web Design
• Web Development
• Web Maintenance
• Web Programming
• WordPress Integration

During development, Michael also asked us to update his logo. We opted to take a hand lettered approach and chose a similar typeface to repeat throughout the site. We kept the lettering playful and purposefully off its baseline but kept its integrity by aligning the letters to an x-height. This controlled the word and made the paired font feel informed but not forced. Similarly, we removed a previously bold background pattern and vibrant color palette and opted for lots of white, pops of mint, and gold. This new uncluttered look keeps the site constantly evolving as he updates content.

I seriously couldn’t have done this without Mike and his team. He took my vision and turned it into a design that is intuitive, clean, and beautiful.

– Michael Wurm Jr., Owner & Blogger of Inspired by Charm