“Wrapps” Monster Moji Stickers

Everyone uses emojis, so why not make yours a little bit more spirited all year long.

Introducing “Wrapps” – one of six frighteningly delightful character packs from our Monster Mojis Sticker Series! Let your friends and family know when you’re happy, sad, or even when you’re all wrapped up. Show everyone the monster inside of you with Wrapps’ 20 different emojis.

When downloaded, our stickers are installed within the iMessage menu bar as well as a stand alone app to allow maximum possibilities to share and use the pack. In iMessage, you can attach stickers to conversation bubbles by dragging and dropping the stickers in place, as well as share the stickers as images by just tapping and sending the sticker out as a message. In the full application, you have the ability to either copy and paste stickers, or share them as an image within other messaging apps installed on your device.*

NOTE: When using our stickers in third-party apps, stickers can only be utilized as an image and cannot be adhered to conversation bubbles or layered onto other media. Drag and drop capabilities are only supported through iMessage.