Building a Website

Every business needs a dynamic website that’s both easy to use and represents its products and services accurately. We build websites with this in mind with our simple 5 step process:


We meet with our clients to discuss their brand’s needs and goals so we can help determine the website that best fits their needs. We have categorized our website projects into four types:

  • Portfolios – Highlights services
  • E-Commerce – Shopping based
  • Blogs – Article & opinion driven
  • CRMs – Data and admin related


We assemble a formal proposal which outlines every step of the development to help our clients understand the design process, budget, and timeline.


To ensure we capture the business accurately, we design a selection of web pages from top to bottom to give the client an in-depth look at the entire design before it’s constructed. From typefaces and colors, to page formatting and more, this allows them to get the exact look they’re after.


Once the designs are approved, we can begin the construction of the website. During this period, we compile the final images and text with the client and proof the final details with them before it is launched.


After development is completed, we are ready to publish the site. We ensure this process is seamless by connecting the web hosting, existing email accounts, and more.