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What We Did

Dash created a brand for St Pete Pride that has become impactful through the organization’s marketing campaigns. His ongoing work with the organization through various creative designs and online campaigns enabled St Pete Pride to be recognizable on a global level for the LGBT community. Eric Skains, Executive Director, St. Pete Pride 2014-2017

Branding Symbolism

  • The hexagonal shapes pay tribute to the colorful pavers which originally lined the streets of St. Petersburg’s Old Southeast Neighborhood, dating back to 1914. (Read more about the pavers here.)
  • The 6 points of each hexagon represent the 6 colors displayed on the LGBT rainbow.
  • Lowercase letters represent uniqueness, familiarity, and equality between the LGBT community whereas capitalization represents social dominance.
  • We omitted the period from the abbreviated word Saint because, like those who form the community, nothing nor anyone should be labeled definitively.
  • Conjoining hexagons, like a venn-diagram, show commonality between differing opinions and groups, as well as symbolically represent wedding bands.
  • The color "Bay Teal" was selected and named to pay tribute to the beautiful landscape engulfing St. Petersburg.
  • The diagonal shapes on our print collateral and new website are always presented on an upward incline to symbolically represent the uphill social struggles and stigmas the LGBT community and its allies face while supporting our cause.
  • The home page of the new website purposefully breaks its grid to represent the nonconforming LGBT community.