USA Ambassador Pageants

The U.S.A. Ambassador Pageant is a charity driven organization that "promotes success through leadership, integrity, character and confidence in today’s young women." We were hired to re-imagine their website through more alluring photography, interactive elements, and develop a more organized and cohesive design.

Focusing on web fundamentals, we immediately stripped the site to its foundation and drafted a design to work around a much stronger framework. Previously, a black background with white text made the site difficult to read and registration information was inconveniently located. We moved the navigation to the top of every page for cohesiveness and user familiarity. Similarly, we combined extraneous pages, developed stronger hierarchy, narrowed in on a confident female demographic, and made the design more appealing and user friendly.

Through this project, we strengthened the company's appeal and reputation by highlighting its strengths to ensure that it prospers.