Design Rates
Design Standard: $90/hr
Design Rush: $120/hr*
Retainer Packages Available

Web Rates
Web Standard: $120/hr
Web Rush: $150/hr*
Overage Web Rate: $80/hr

Design Pricing Breakdown

For our design work, we bid projects two ways:
  • proposal of estimated project hours
  • fixed rate retainer packages for longterm projects

Here is an example of a retainer package:

After completing Phase 1 of a web project for a local specialty chocolate wholesaler, our client has requested we continue our creative direction of the website. While product details and information will be done by her employees, Dash would focus on maintaining the design and style integrity of the site for one year after launch.

Monthly "Example" Retainer: $2,500.00º
  • One 6 hour on-site visit per month to photograph new item(s)/collection(s) for online shop
  • Product photo on white skrim (20 products)
  • Produce lifestyle shots of products in vignettes (3 vignettes)
  • Prop styling / Shopping for props
  • Post production photo editing
  • Design "New Items" web page banner

Web Pricing Breakdown

We calculate our web projects with an estimated range just like our design work. However, since web projects typically span for several months and occasionally experience delays, we try to prepare for the unexpected. To give you a better understanding of our web pricing, we have detailed below the client benefits with our Overage Rates and Bonus Hours:

Dash estimated that a refresh to the "XYZ Company" Website would take approximately 40 hours to complete. At our Web Standard Rate, this would cost $4,800.00. However, due to an unexpected complication with a Wordpress plugin, requiring Dash to rewrite its code, the project took an additional 8 hours to complete.

WITHOUT Overage Rate or Bonus Hours:
40hrs @ $120/hr (Web Standard Rate) = $4,800.00
8hrs @ $120/hr (Web Standard Rate) = $960.00
TOTAL= $5,760.00

WITH Overage Rate and Bonus Hours:
40hrs @ $120/hr (Web Standard Rate) = $4,800.00
8hrs @ $80/hr (Overage Web Rate) = $640.00
Subtract 4 Bonus Hours = -$320.00
TOTAL= $5,120.00

That is a total savings of $640.00

* Rush Rates: Fees are only applied when a project is requested for completion with less than 10 business days notice. This increased rate is not implemented on regular projects which we complete at our convenience in less than 10 business days.

Overage Rates: Overage payments are applied to projects that have extended beyond our estimated timeline. For example: A project is estimated at 40hrs. If Dash is delayed and the project is completed in 48 hours, only the first 40 hours will be billed at the full $120/hr rate. The remaining 8 hours would be billed at the Overage Web Rate of $80/hr. Dash reserves the right to charge Standard or Rush hours on projects delayed or expanded on by the client.(See above example and the Payment section of the client contract for additional information.)

^ Bonus Hour: As a courtesy to our clients, we will provide 1 free hour of service (or a "Bonus Hour") for every 10 hours quoted for a web project. Therefore, in the above scenario, the client would only pay 4 of the 8 Overage Hours at $80/hr, since we initially quoted 40 hours for the project. Bonus Hours are not applicable to Design Hours or Retainer Hours.

Dash will notify clients once it reaches the 5 to 10 hour price range estimate originally detailed in the client proposal. However, Bonus Hours are only implemented when the maximum number of estimated hours has been reached. For example, a project estimated with 30-40 hours would receive 4 Bonus Hours only when all 40 hours quoted have been completed. The client will not receive any Bonus Hours nor any price reduction if the project takes less than 40 hours to complete.

If we should reach the maximum number in that estimate, we will notify the client again, and immediately begin utilizing the project's Bonus Hours. At this point, we will also review what is left to complete, determine whether or not the project can be completed within the free Bonus Hour period and, if not, review approximately how many hours are left. We will NOT continue working beyond the project's Bonus Hours until we have had this discussion with the client.

º This example retainer is based on a hypothetical contract spanning one year and totaling $30,000.00. Price of props, additional materials, web hosting, and all other unlisted costs associated with the site are not included in retainer costs.

• Contracts, open projects, and negotiated rates agreed to before 1/1/2017 are not affected with updated pricing information.
• Web hosting fees are not included in estimated web proposals unless explicitly denoted.
• Invoices will be sent out the first Monday of every month with payment due within 15-30 business days. Further action and fees associated with payments are detailed in our client contracts.
• Print orders will not be placed unless final artwork is approved and full payment for printed items is received, regardless of time sensitive materials or deadlines.
• All rates and pricing plans subject to change at anytime. Contracts are binding to the listed terms and agreements negotiated with Dash Creative Group, LLC at the time of signing. Rate increases will not affect signed contracts throughout the course of the projected contract timeline.